Lesson 19, Topic 1
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Upwind scheme and CFL number Copy

In this video, you will learn about first-order and higher-order upwind schemes and also a very important non-dimensional number known as CFL number.

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Assignment- lesson 21:

(a) Solve the Example problem 5.1 from the book by Versteeg and Malalasekara (book already shared in Lesson 20). Program it using 5 nodes as in the solved problem and upload. Try to make it a generic program to have any number of cells.


(b) Solve the example problems 5.1 and 5.2 manually in your book, scan it and upload. Use a different boundary condition value (don’t use the same numbers as in the book)

Note: All these assignments are manually evaluated and your programming skills are noted. This will be one of the important criteria to shortlist the candidates for any internship opportunities at Flowthermolab Pvt Ltd.

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