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Programming unsteady problem Copy

In this video, you will learn how to solve unsteady problems using the FTCS scheme by programming it. You will also understand the importance of stability criteria and how to choose the time step size.

Assignment: Lesson 11

1. Program FTCS scheme for 1-D unsteady heat conduction equation ( if possible try to make your own program and don’t copy the one discussed here). Use boundary conditions as Tbase =300 C, Ttip= 50C, and initial temperature as 30 C. Study the effect of grid size and time step size and prepare a neat report explaining it.

2. This is an optional question but will be good to practice. Try the same problem (problem 1 above) with an implicit scheme (Crank Nicolsen) and compare the result with an explicit scheme and give general comments on stability in the report.

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