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Lesson 4.5 Spaceclaim with mini project1 Copy

In this video, you will learn the GUI of SpaceClaim and the basic operations

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Assignment 4.5
Create an air domain (enclosure) around the car geometry using the enclosure option in the prepare tab. Air domain is required for aerodynamic simulation for cars, aircraft, aerofoil, etc. This outer air is the region of interest (where mesh will be prepared and governing equations will be solved) for us in such simulations and not the inside portion of the car or aircraft or the solid region of the aerofoil.

Mini-project 1
In the material section of this lesson, you can find one zip file with an stp file of a centrifugal pump. Apply your Engineering skills, identify the fluid domain which is required for a CFD simulation and extract the region for preparing your mesh. Also, clean up the unnecessary parts and features. This is exactly how you will get geometry from a Design Engineer to perform CFD analysis. So treat it as a challenge and complete this mini-project.
Note: You can upload Assignment 4.5 and Mini project together as one file and will be manually evaluated.

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