Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Day2: 22.01.2023

Topic: Introduction to Fluid dynamics. Mainly the reference books, fluid properties, and their applications for CFD simulations/industrial problems.

Note: The digital copies of some of the textbooks mentioned are attached here. You can download it from the materials section.

Assignment 1:
1. Give logical reasoning for the below questions which were part of today’s session
(a) Why do people float in the dead sea (Israel)?
(b) Why do rotating machines fail at high temperatures? (ignore thermal expansion, answer based on fluid properties)
(c) Why is it difficult to cook vegetables on the top of the Himalayas?
(d) How are insects able to walk on the surface of the water?
2. Derive Newton’s law of viscosity. Go through the textbook and understand it.
3. What is compressibility and how you can relate it to practical applications and CFD problems?
You can upload the handwritten notes as PDF

Recommended Reading:
1. First lesson from the text Books by Frank M White and Boundary layer theory by Schlichting

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