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CFD Mentorship program: Batch2

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  1. Some general instructions
  2. Week1 (Day 1): Introduction
  3. Week1 (Day 2) : Fluid Dynamics essential for CFD-Part1
  4. Week2 (Day1): Introduction to MATLAB
  5. Week 2 (Day2): Fluid Dynamics essential for CFD-Part2
  6. Week 3 (Day1): MATLAB- Part2
  7. Week 3(Day2): Fluid Dynamics Essential for CFD-Part3
  8. Week4 (Day1): MATLAB- Part3
  9. Week4 (Day2): Thermodynamics- Part 1
  10. Week5 (Day1): Thermodynamics- Part2
  11. Week 5 (Day2): Thermodynamics- Part3
  12. Week6 (Day1): MATLAB-Part3
  13. Week6 (Day2): MATLAB-Part4
  14. Week 7(Day1): Heat Transfer for CFD
  15. Week 7 (Day2): MATLAB- Part 5
  16. Week 8 (day1) MATLAB programming
  17. Week 8 (day2): MATLAB Programming
  18. Week 9 (day1): Special Session on LBM by SankyasutraLabs
  19. Week 9 (day2) : Essential Mathematics part1
  20. Week 10 (day1): MATLAB and Linear Algebra
  21. Week 10 (day2): MATLAB Final session
  22. Week 11 (Day1): Introduction to Python
  23. Week 11 (Day2): Python Contd ..
  24. Week 12 (Day1): Maths Part 2
  25. Week 12 (day2): Structured Meshing: Concept of Blocking
  26. Week 13 (day1): Python programming
  27. Week 13 (day2): Python Programming
  28. Module 2: FDM

    Week 14 (day1): FDM-Part1
  29. Week 14 (day2) FDM-Part2
  30. Week 15 (day1) FDM Part3
  31. ANSYS Tools: Introduction
    Week 15 (day2): ANSYS Tools Space Claim
  32. Next 3 weeks: Compressible flow workshop (watch the recordings as separate course)
  33. Week 16 (day1): ANSYS Fluent Intro-Meshing
  34. Week 16 (day2)
  35. Week 17(day1): Fluent practice
  36. Week 17(day2): Fluent practice
  37. OpenFOAM
    Week18(day1): OpenFOAM Part1
  38. Week18(day2)- Wings to your future- Talk on career development
  39. Week19(day1)- OpenFOAM Part2
  40. Week19(day2)- OpenFOAM Part3
  41. Week20(day1)
Lesson 42, Topic 1
In Progress

Day2: 22.01.2023: Fluid dynamics Essentials part 1 Copy

Topic: Introduction to Fluid dynamics. Mainly the reference books, fluid properties, and their applications for CFD simulations/industrial problems.

Note: The digital copies of some of the textbooks mentioned are attached here. You can download it from the materials section.

Assignment 1:
1. Give logical reasoning for the below questions which were part of today’s session
(a) Why do people float in the dead sea ?
(b) Why do rotating machines fail at high temperatures? (ignore thermal expansion, answer based on fluid properties)
(c) Why is it difficult to cook vegetables on the top of the Himalayas?
(d) How are insects able to walk on the surface of the water?
2. Derive Newton’s law of viscosity. Go through the textbook and understand it.
3. What is compressibility and how you can relate it to practical applications and CFD problems?
You can upload the handwritten notes as PDF

Recommended Reading:
1. First lesson from the text Books by Frank M White and Boundary layer theory by Schlichting

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