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Basic Concepts you must know Contd.. Copy

This lesson will help you to revise some of the basic concepts which are essential for a CFD Engineer. Programming skills are not expected for a CFD Application Engineer working with ANSYS Fluent, but the fundamental knowledge of how the solver works is very important. This lesson is just a quick revision of the essential aspects. For the details, you are recommended to enroll in the CFD foundation course.

This is a very important assignment for this course and is manually evaluated by the Instructor and feedback will be provided.
You need to prepare a document either handwritten (scan the pages as PDF and upload) or write it using any editing software like MS Word, convert it to PDF, and upload. Spend some time reading textbooks, browsing through the internet, etc to answer these questions. This will be also very beneficial for improving your fundamental knowledge and also will be very handy for your technical interviews.

1. Write down the governing equations of fluid dynamics used for CFD (continuity, NS, and Energy separately) and explain the meaning/physics of each term.
2. Write down the general form of governing equation and explain the different terms in the equation
3. What are explicit and implicit schemes? Give an example of an explicit scheme and an implicit scheme. What are the main differences/advantages of one scheme over the other?
4. What is the CFL number? Explain its significance.
5. Write down the RANS Equation and explain the different terms in it.
6. Write down the k and epsilon equation of the k-epsilon turbulence model and list down all the model constants
7. What is the law of the wall and explain the concept of Y+

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