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Assignment: Lesson16
Note: This assignment is very important for this course and will be only manually approved.

Solve the problem of mixing elbow discussed in the last lessons using ANSYS Tools (use the .stp file already shared). Use the boundary condition as, inlet big =20 m/s and 60 C and inlet small as 30 m/s and 100 C. Let the outlet be at ambient pressure. Prepare an excellent report/presentation with all the details. it should include slides that explain the objective, geometry details, boundary conditions, there should a slide on the mesh details ( pictures, section views, mesh quality and cell numbers, etc), there should be a slide on the CFD settings ( like software used with version number, fluid, and its properties, turbulence models, etc). Then a detailed discussion of results with the aid of contour plots, vectors, etc. A final slide on the conclusion and any design recommendation to improve mixing will make the report complete.

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