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Lesson 1a : Introduction

This video will give you an overview of the course and CFD

Assignment Template:

Use this template to upload your assignments. After preparing the PPT, convert it to PDF and upload it because only PDF files will be supported while uploading. The instructor will give you comments on your assignments which will help you to improve your presentation skills.

Note: Most of the assignments are auto-approved. However, some assignments are manually approved to check the progress and give feedback. This usually takes at least 24 hours for approval.

There will be quizzes associated with some lessons, they are either one-word answers or multiple-choice questions. If you clear the quiz with an 80% mark you can move to the next lesson. But you can have multiple attempts.

Discussion Forum

Use the discussion forum to ask any questions and discuss CFD topics and related topics to the course. Make sure that you don’t share links and phone numbers etc. and irrelevant content in the forum.

Clear your doubts and engage in discussions

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