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  • Harshavardhan

    January 16, 2023 at 6:37 am

    this is the o/p I am getting for all the timestep


    Time = 0.0026
    Reading thermophysical properties

    Selecting thermodynamics package
    type hePsiThermo;
    mixture pureMixture;
    transport const;
    thermo hConst;
    equationOfState perfectGas;
    specie specie;
    energy sensibleInternalEnergy;

    Reading field U

    Reading/calculating face flux field phi

    Creating turbulence model

    Selecting turbulence model type RAS
    Selecting RAS turbulence model LaunderSharmaKE
    RASModel LaunderSharmaKE;
    turbulence on;
    printCoeffs on;
    Cmu 0.09;
    C1 1.44;
    C2 1.92;
    C3 0;
    sigmak 1;
    sigmaEps 1.3;

    Creating field kinetic energy K

    No MRF models present

    No finite volume options present


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