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  • John

    May 26, 2022 at 6:06 am

    When using OF9 ( the following message will appaer:

    Command: surfaceFeatureExtract

    The surfaceFeatureExtract utility has been superseded and replaced by by the
    more general surfaceFeatures utility.

    surfaceFeatures reads a surfaceFeaturesDict input file with a much
    simpler, more convenient format. Example surfaceFeaturesDict files
    can be found in the tutorial and template cases, e.g. located as
    find $FOAM_TUTORIALS -name surfaceFeaturesDict
    find $FOAM_ETC -name surfaceFeaturesDict

    Solution is to copy the SurfaceFeaturesExtractDict and rename it to SurfaceFeaturesDict
    Subsequently run the command: SurfaceFeatures

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