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  • Barış Bicer

    January 30, 2022 at 11:53 am

    Hi Rajesh,

    First thank you for your question.

    First thing : If you use several blockMesh command with different blockMeshDict’s, inside a same test case, you will always visualize the latest generation. Because you make change inside same dictionary.

    second thing : *.foam file is only an extension which can be visualized by paraview. So, creation foam.foam, foam2.foam will not change anything inside same case. You can try it easily. Just create both file such foam.foam, foam2.foam inside cavity case and open both file in paraview which will bring you same thing. Becase .foam extensions only let you visualize and upload info inside case. I hope that it is clear now.

    There is a way of course. blockMesh is related to mesh info only which is stored inside /constant/polyMesh folder. If you wanna visualize your mesh one by one inside same case, my suggestion is copy your blockMeshDict file as blockMeshDict1 inside system folder. Inside test case first run “blockMesh” and if you visualize it inside paraview you will see first mesh whose info given inside blockMeshDict file. Then to see second version of mesh which is defined inside “blockMeshDict1” file you can use “blockMesh -dict system/blockMesh1” inside same test and then refresh your paraview which will show you second created mesh.

    However, my suggestion is for a real CFD problem cases to copy your case (which includes 0, constant, system) with different name and then make chance whatever you want which may be take a bit time but you will be sure not to make any mistake.

    I hope these info address your question.



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