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  • Sandeep

    September 18, 2021 at 8:59 pm

    Main points/questions discussed during the meeting on Sep 18, 2021
    – An overview of the course was discussed and also how to approach it in a systematic manner.
    – use of the discussion forum is highly encouraged.
    We had detailed discussions, some of the highlights, and short answers are posted here.

    1. Do we really need to learn programming to be a CFD Engineer? If yes to what level? ( yes- If you work as an Application Engineer you need to know scripting level knowledge, if developer then learn programming to an expert level)
    2. How to build a career in CFD? which domain we should choose? (You will need to choose the domain based on your interest and job opportunities )
    3. Can I discuss my BTech/MTech project with the instructor? (Short Answer here: yes ofcourse)
    4. I am not confident of finishing the course in 6 months as I am also working and won’t be able to dedicate too much time, what to do?
    – Answer: You need to be consistent, dedicate some time regularly, you will be able to finish. An extension of access for a short period can be thought about. The average time taken is around 2-3 months.
    5. Can the meeting time be shifted to 8 pm to 9 pm IST (yes, from next time we will use that slot)

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