Python for Engineers

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Fee: $35 (~₹ 2800 Ex 18% GST)
Only limited seats to make the workshop lively and interactive.

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Workshop Details:

Python is one of the most popular high-level, general-purpose programming languages used by the Science and Engineering community.  

This workshop is designed for a complete beginner in programming and Python. This workshop is ideal for students from Mechanical Aerospace and Chemical  Engineering backgrounds. This will also help professionals working in CAD/FEA/CFD domain for developing their own codes, and automating processes and tasks.  During the workshop over 4 days, you will learn Python from scratch and practice more coding exercises along with assignments.  

Key information:

  • Course Instructor:  Nishant Soni [IIST, JNCASR Bangalore], Scientific software developer
                                               Lead Instructor at Flowthermolab
  • Date: 05-06, 12-13 Nov 2022
  • Time: 12.30 pm to 5.30 pm IST
  • Total access to recordings of live sessions: 3 Months
  • Computer requirement: Minimum 4 GB RAM and i3 processor 
  • Software: Guidance on installations will be provided before the workshop
  • Mode of class: Zoom video call (Once you make the payment, log in details will be shared

More Information

  • Learn the basics of programming and introduction to python
  • Learn Numpy, Sci-py, and Matplotlib (Plotting, visualization, and animation)
  • Solving initial value and boundary value problems using Python
  • Solving Partial differential equations (PDEs): 2D heat conduction and 2D Navier Stokes Equations
  • Engineering students pursuing BTech, Mtech or Ph.D. for their academic projects and to enhance programming skills
  • Engineers already working in the industry but want to learn and master Python
  • Professors/Lecturers who want to teach or guide their students in Programming
  • CFD, CAD or FEA Engineers who want to learn programming to develop their own solvers or for preparing scripts for automation
  • Do I get a certificate?
    Yes, based on your attendance and completion of tutorials, you will be given the certificate. 
  • Do I need a powerful workstation/computer to learn this course?
    No, a normal laptop with 4 or 8GB RAM and a decent processor (i3) is good enough for this course.
  • What if I don’t understand some portion or need to clarify some doubts?
    We will support you through emails and zoom meetings/discussion sessions to clear all doubts and questions
  • Should I know the programming  to learn this course? 
    No, you don’t need.
  • Is there any prerequisite? 
Not Enrolled

Course Includes

  • 4 Lessons
  • 1 Topic

Ratings and Reviews

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5 Ratings
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Posted 1 year ago

Good course for beginner

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Chandrakant Sonawane
Posted 1 year ago
good course

good course with basic of python

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Posted 1 year ago
A Good course for every Mechanical Engineer interested in CFD & Python

Informative, Simplified, Detailed & Lucid

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Marcos Gómez
Posted 1 year ago
In-depth course which focuses on CFD

I am so pleased to have done this course since I was looking for coding courses but applied to engineering field. I would have liked it to be longer and work at length on N-S equations. Nishant, the instructor, is exceedingly knowledgeable and professional

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Posted 2 years ago
Great course for the engineers as well as beginners.

I attended this course for getting familiar with Python. I thoroughly enjoyed each session. The course was excellently designed for beginners and well taught by Mr. Nishant, the instructor. Starting from scratch, the course helped me understand how to implement python libraries such as NumPy, Scipy, matplotlib, etc for solving a real-time problem such as N-S equation. It was a great experience.

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