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This course is designed for a complete beginner in Fluid Dynamics. The course is developed with emphasise on the fundamentals and the practical application of fluid dynamics. This course will serve as the starting point for all undergraduate Engineering students who want to learn the subject from a conceptual level. This also will be very useful for all students interested to learn computational fluid dynamics. 

Key features

  • The course starts from scratch and anyone interested to learn Fluid Dynamics can enroll to this course 
  • Developed by an expert in the field of CFD with Ph.D. , PostDoc and years of experience in the industry as CFD Engineer.
  • The course contains 13 lessons with more than 20 hours of content along with quizzes and assignments
  • Dedicated forum and support system through support Engineers and instructors 
  • One year access to the course from the date of enrolment.   


Dr. Sandeep Mouvanal (Founder and CEO of Flowthermolab)

This course is designed and delivered by Dr. Sandeep Mouvanal. He is the founder of Flowthermolab. He completed his bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Kannur University and MS and PhD from IIT Madras, India. He dis his post Doc from the University of Nottingham, UK. He has more than 15 years of Industrial and research Experience working in India, Germany and UK.


This course will be launched soon. You can avail of a 50% discount by registering and pre-booking the course. We will send you the COUPON code and inform you once the course is live. You don’t need to make any payment now, enter your details.

Course content in detail
  • Lesson1 : Introduction
    • Introduction to Fluid Dynamics and Opportunities 
  • Lesson 2: Properties of fluids
    • All the important properties of fluids in a practical way
    • Some numerical problems to apply the learning 
  • Lesson 3: Understanding pressure
    • Understand different types and concepts of pressure and its applications
    • Some numerical problems to apply the learning 
  • Lesson 4: Dimensional Analysis
    • Fundamentals of dimensional analysis 
    • Buckingham’s pi theorem
    • Different dimensional numbers of fluid dynamics 
  • Lesson 5: Concept of Streamlines, steak line, pathlines and vortices
    • Understanding the concepts with illustrations
  • Lesson 6: Reynolds Transport Theorem
    • The fundamental concept of RTT
  • Lesson 7: Governing Equation: Continuity Equation
    • Derivation of the continuity equation
  • Lesson 8: Governing Equation: Momentum Equation
    • Derivation of the momentum equation: Navier Stokes Equation
  • Lesson 9: Understanding the Navier-Stokes Equation
    • Understand the terms and physics of the Navier stokes equation
  • Lesson 10: Analytical Solution of Navier Stokes Equation
    • Some examples of the analytical solution of Navier Stokes equation
  • Lesson 11: Analytical Solution of Navier Stokes Equation
    • Some examples of the analytical solution of Navier Stokes equation
  • Lesson 12: Concept of Boundary Layers
    • Understanding the concept of boundary layers 
  • Lesson 13: Introduction to Compressible Flow
    • Introduction to the fundamentals of compressible flow 
  • Certificate
  • Is this an advanced course on Fluid Dynamics?
    Yes and no. This is designed for beginners, so we will start from scratch but will learn advanced concepts in fluid dynamics with a practical perspective especially useful for practicing engineers in the field of computational fluid dynamics.
  • Do I get a certificate?
    Yes, once you complete all the lessons and upload all the corresponding assignments, the certificate will be issued after verification. 
  • How is it different from the content on YouTube channel of Flowthermolab?
    Here it is more structured, no distractions, you have more videos and content, quizzes and problems solved, a discussion forum to ask questions and interact with fellow students and finally if you complete the course, you earn a certificate.
  • What if I don’t understand some portion or need to clarify some doubts?
    There is a dedicated discussion forum for this course. Support Engineers and instructors will address your questions. 
  • Should I know programming to learn this course? 
  • Is there any prerequisite? 
    The knowledge of basic engineering mathematics will be useful. 
  • Can I get any discount as a student? 
    If you are a university student or an existing student of Flowthermolab, you can write to to check for any offers or to enroll in multiple courses together with a bundle offer.  
  • Bachelor students (Mechanical, Aerospace, Chemical, Civil Engineering)
  • Researchers, master students, PhD students
  • practicing CFD Engineers who want to brush up the basics  
  • Any one who is planning to learn CFD and want to improve the fundamentals in Fluid dynamics 

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Course Includes

  • 15 Lessons
  • 3 Quizzes

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