Essential Mathematics

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Course Description

This course is designed for Engineers and Engineering students who want to revise their knowledge of mathematics at a conceptual level. This course is not meant for any examinations or solving lengthy problems, but to learn maths in a fun and enjoyable way. The concepts will help students to learn subjects like CFD (computational fluid dynamics), FEA (finite element analysis), Advanced fluid dynamics, Machine learning, etc which need a good mathematical background to understand the concepts.  In this course, we will also practice problem-solving by developing simple codes using MATLAB. All the course content is not accessible immediately, every week one lesson will be uploaded. Apart from recorded videos, the course contains handouts to download along with Quizzes and assignments. 

Key information:

  • Course Instructor:  Dr. Sandeep Mouvanal [MS, Ph.D. from IIT Madras] [ 15 years Industrial Exp. as CFD Engineer]
    [Founder of Flowthermolab]
  • Course content: 16 Lessons including quizzes and challenges/assignments. Every week a new lesson will be uploaded for access. 
  • Discussion forum: A discussion forum to discuss any topics with fellow students and the instructor
  • Total access period: No expiry
  • Computer requirement: Minimum 4 GB RAM and i3 processor 
  • Software: MATLAB or Octave
  • Access to the course: It is a free course for all. Once you register your email address, you will have free access to the content

More Information

  • Learn Essential Mathematics required for a Mechanical Engineer 
  • Learn solving problems using MATLAB
  • Mathematical background to learn advanced subjects like CFD, FEA, ML, etc
  • Engineering students pursuing BTech, Mtech or Ph.D. 
  • Any fluid dynamics/aerodynamics enthusiasts
  • Any Engineer who wants to refresh his mathematics skills
  • CFD/FEA/CAD Engineers already working in the industry but want to improve their fundamentals
  • Do I get a certificate?
    Yes, when you finish all the lessons and the corresponding quizzes/assignments you will gain the course completion certificate with the date of completion.
  • Do I need a powerful workstation/computer to learn this course?
    No, a normal laptop with 4 or 8GB RAM and a decent processor (i3) is good enough for this course.
  • What if I don’t understand some portion or need to clarify some doubts?
    Questions can be asked in the Discussion Forum
  • Is there any prerequisite? 
    Basic knowledge of Engineering mathematics will be useful 
  • I am not good at programming, can I still enroll?

    Programming knowledge is not a prerequisite for this course. 

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Course Includes

  • 18 Lessons
  • 1 Topic
  • 13 Quizzes

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2 Ratings
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Posted 10 months ago


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Marcos Gómez
Posted 11 months ago
I am particularly content with this course

So far so good, everything is explained neatly and clearly. It is a good opportunity to get off to a good start for future CFD courses. It combines theory and practice as well as programming. Whether you mean to learn or to brush up on those topics this course will meet your requirements.

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