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Course Description:

This course is designed for a complete beginner in Computational fluid dynamics. You will learn to solve practical problems using one of the most widely used and popular CFD software, ANSYS Fluent. You will not only learn ANSYS Fluent solver, but also the preprocessing method and tools like ANSYS SpaceClaim, Fluent Mesher, and post-processing tool ANSYS CFD Post in this course. This course will also touch upon the most important theoretical concepts of CFD which are mandatory to learn along with tool knowledge. A dedicated module is made for ANSYS Fluent meshing before moving on to solve several practical engineering problems using ANSYS Fluent solver. This course also covers scripting and automation which includes writing your own UDFs, journal files, and expressions.

Key information:

  • Course Instructor:   Dr. Sandeep Mouvanal. [MS, Ph.D. from IIT Madras], PostDoc from the University of Nottingham, UK. He got 15+ years of Industrial Exp. as CFD Engineer and is the Founder of Flowthermolab. 
  • Course content: 25 Lessons including  quizzes and challenges/assignments 
  • Doubt clearance: Email support. 
  • Discussion forum: A discussion forum to discuss any topics with fellow students and the instructor
  • Total access period: 12 Months from the day of enrolling 
  • Computer requirement: Minimum 4 GB RAM and i3 processor 
  • Software: Student version of ANSYS Fluent (Free).
  • Access to the course: Once you make the payment, your login ID and password will be send automatically via email.2

More Information

  • Learn and master ANSYS Fluent along with all relevant pre-processing and post-processing tools
  • Work on academic projects for your M.S. / Ph.D. thesis and also for any industrial projects.
  • Write your own UDFs and journals to work like a professional 
  • To be competent in the highly demanding field of computational fluid dynamics.
  • Science and Engineering students pursuing B.Sc., B.E./B.Tech, M.Sc., MS/M.Tech, Ph.D. for their academic projects and to enhance their skills.
  • Any CFD enthusiasts.
  • Professors/Lecturers/Teaching Assistants who want to teach or guide their students in CFD projects.
  •  Engineers who want to shift from FEA/CAD to CFD domain.
  • Professionals already working in the industry but want to improve their CFD Tool knowledge
  • Do I get a certificate?
    Yes, based on your attendance and completion of tutorials, you will be given the certificate. 
  • Do I need a powerful workstation/computer to learn this course?
    No, a normal laptop with 4 or 8GB RAM and a decent processor (i3) is good enough for this course.
  • What if I don’t understand some portion or need to clarify some doubts?
    We will support you through emails and zoom meetings/discussion sessions to clear all doubts and questions
  • Should I know the programming or any other CFD software to learn this course? 
    Programming knowledge is not a prerequisite for this course. You will learn ANSYS Fluent from scratch.
  • Is there any prerequisite? 
    Basic knowledge of Fluid dynamics and heat transfer subjects
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Course Includes

  • 25 Lessons
  • 12 Topics
  • 1 Quiz

Ratings and Reviews

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20 Ratings
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Posted 4 days ago

An advanced tutorials for UDF should be considered in future review of the course. An amazing course, i have really learnt a lot being a beginner in Ansys Fluent

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Mathanraj K
Posted 1 week ago
Great course

Fantastic course for beginners. Learned ANSYS fluent in a interesting way. This course has many interesting& difficult assignments which makes us to learn many things. Thanks for this course.

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Posted 2 weeks ago
Increased Confidence in ANSYS Fluent

I am now much more confident in my ability to navigate ANSYS Fluent, thanks to the detailed examples provided in the assignments. They have greatly enhanced my understanding and proficiency with the software. The inclusion of journal files and automation techniques was particularly impressive and will undoubtedly streamline future simulations. Thanks again for a valuable learning experience!

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Posted 2 weeks ago
detailed ansys fluent course

practical examples were used from different field and each lesson has a practical assignment

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Posted 4 weeks ago
Gave me a structured was to solve problems in Ansys Fluent

I got a firm understanding of Ansys Fluent, which gave me a solid foundation through which I can solve CFD problems using Ansys Fluent.

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Posted 1 month ago
Amazing Course

Best course to learn CFD and Fluent specially for those who are beginners in this field.

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Yagna Murthy Ayachitula
Posted 1 month ago
Intriguing Course

Enhanced my confidence in using the Ansys tool, and I am eagerly looking for the UDF tool.

Preview Image
Sidharth Kamble
Posted 2 months ago
Excellent Course

Overall, the course is quite good and it covers almost all the important aspects of ANSYS SpaceClaim, Watertight Workflow, and Fluent. Assignments are quite extensive and it takes a decent amount of time to practice and prepare it. The discussion forum is also quite helpful. I will highly recommend this course.

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Posted 2 months ago
Wonderful course - Request to add combustion topic also

Dear FlowThermoLab team, This course has covered a wide range of topics including internal flow, external aerodynamics, multiphase, turbomachinery and thermal management. It was really helpful to upskill my knowledge. Given the breadth of the course, I believe it would be beneficial to include a topic focusing on combustion. This addition would further enrich our learning experience in this domain

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Diego Alejandro Cepeda Cuartas
Posted 3 months ago
Amazing course

This course explains how to use ANSYS Fluent interestingly and efficiently. Thank you so much, what an amazing course!!

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