• 45 Lessons

    Introduction to Finite Element Method

    Course Brochure Course Description This is an introductory course on Finite Element Method (FEM). Without going into the scary mathematics behind FEM, and by incorporating…
  • 28 Lessons

    Introduction to FSI

    Course Brochure Course Description With a mix of theory and hands-on computer simulations, this course is carefully designed for all those interested in entering the…
  • 28 Lessons

    OpenFOAM for Beginners

    Course Brochure Course Description This course is designed for a complete beginner to OpenFOAM or even Linux. We can guarantee you that by the end…
  • 30 Lessons

    Scientific Computing with Python

    Share with your friendsĀ  Course Brochure Course Description: Welcome to the self-paced “Scientific Computing with Python” training course! This comprehensive program is designed for science…
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