• 7 Lessons

    Design and CFD of Turbomachines-Workshop

    Workshop Details: This workshop is designed for students/Engineers who are interested in learning not just about CFD simulation of Turbomachines but also the theory of…
  • 28 Lessons

    Introduction to FSI

    Course Brochure Course Description With a mix of theory and hands-on computer simulations, this course is carefully designed for all those interested in entering the…
  • 26 Lessons

    OpenFOAM Programming Course

    Course Details: This course is designed for a complete beginner in OpenFOAM programming, no knowledge of C++ or any programming language is required. Throughout the…
  • 11 Lessons

    OpenFOAM Workshop

      Workshop Details: This workshop is designed for individuals who are new to OpenFOAM and OpenFOAM programming, requiring no prior knowledge of OpenFOAM, C++, or…
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