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From July 2024 !!!

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Course Details:

This program is for students and Engineers who are looking for Industry jobs in the field of computational fluid dynamics. This will be also very useful for researchers and academicians who want to specialize on CFD. This is the flagship program of Flowthermolab to upskill the students with live sessions and get placed in the industry through the placement assistance of the program. The intake is only two times in a year to allocate the right resources and make the program successful.

Key features

  • Duration: Six months as a batch of international students
  • Live classes and recorded courses (Live sessions on weekends)
  • Internship project as a group for six months (Students will gain industrial experience on working on a challenging project for 6 months) 
  • Job/Placement assistance in the industry (We don’t give any false promise of 100% placement. Good students easily gets placed when companies visit)
  • Designed for students, early-stage engineers and CAD/FEA Engineers planning to switch to CFD
  • Includes 4 stages starting from basics to domain expert level
  • Several industry-standard mini-projects with guidance and support
  • Highly qualified experts from industry with PhD as trainers
  • Only limited seats in a batch to make the program interactive 
  • Dedicated forum and support system through support Engineers and instructors 
  • 1.5 years access to the course, and all the resources from the date of enrolment.   
Course content in detail
    • A strong foundation is mandatory to be a successful CFD Engineer
    • Fluid mechanics, heat transfer, thermodynamics, mathematics and programming skills will be revised during this stage
    • CFD fundamentals, basic CFD code development
    • CFD Tools: Commercial and opensource (Fluent, CFX, ICEM, OpenFOAM etc)
    • CFD Tools: Commercial and opensource (Fluent, CFX, ICEM, OpenFOAM etc)
    •  Work on Advanced topics like UDF, scripting, OpenFOAM solver development 
    • Work on several mini-projects 
    • Students need to specialize on any 1 domains out of different choices like. This will be based on the internship project requirement
    • Multiphase flow
    • Thermal management (Electronic cooling and heat and mass transfer)
    • CFD solver development (Coding) (Scientific computing with C++, Python, MATLAB etc.)
    • Turbomachines
    • Acoustics etc.
    • Trainings for writing and communication skills
    • Training on interview preparation
    • CV writing skills 
    • Companies are invited for placement activities 
    • We guide all the students for interview preparations who independently apply for jobs outside the invited companies 
    •   Students will be working on an Internship project from day one for the next six months to gain the real world industrial experience. More complicated simulations are solved with our HPC.  
  • Who can participate in this program?
    This program is designed for Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering students from third or fourth year onwards if their basics are strong. Mechanical Engineers (CAD/FEM etc) can join this program to shift to CFD domain.
  • What is the mix of students?
    The batch is a mix of international students which wide background. Bachelors, masters, PhD students and Engineers from the industry 
  • Do I get a certificate?
    Yes, once you complete all the lessons and upload all the corresponding assignments, the certificate will be issued after verification. 
  • Can I make payment in instalments? 
    Yes, there are several options which will be shared in the orientation session.
  • Do I need a powerful workstation/computer to learn this course?
    No, a normal laptop with 4 or 8GB RAM and a decent processor (i3 or i5) is good enough for this course.
  • Do I need to have license for software?
    The program is designed with the help of opensource tools or Student version of commercial software. We at Flowthermolab will be using the commercial license and HPC for parallel computing.  Students on their laptop can use student version for learning. 
  • What if I don’t understand some portion or need to clarify some doubts?
    Mentors, support Engineers, discussion forums are dedicated to clarify all the questions. 
  • Should I know programming to learn this course? 
    This course is designed for beginners in programming. So you are not suppose to know programming 
  • Is there any prerequisite? 
    Passionate Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering students having strong basics of fluid dynamics and heat transfer.
  • Bachelors, master students, PhD students
  • Research scientists 
  • CAD/ FEM Engineers planning to switch to CFD
  • CFD Engineers who want to build a strong fundamentals


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Our students are from all over the world and from diverse backgrounds. Learners are from universities doing bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD and also Engineers from the industry to upskill.

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